Greatness Runs in My Veins

And I'm All for Having it Stay There

Dawn Summers
This is my voicemail

When I'm in the dorms, I live in room 328 with psychic_wonder. Yes, you should be very, very jealous.

Hi! Um, I'm Dawn. Dawn Summers. You probably know my sister. Yeah, she's the one who blew up my high school. Again. It's a thing, but what can you expect by someone left on the doorstep by baby howler monkeys?

Anyway...my mom is dead, my sister died twice (but she's back now), and my father never knew I existed. I was originally a mystical green ball of energy called The Key of Dagon, a portal to dimensions. After a few bazillion years, I was reformed from my sister's blood by monks who were hiding me from a crazy hell-bitch goddess named Glorificus, who wanted to bleed me dry to open a portal to her home dimension (a/k/a Hell, for those of you who are a bit slow to catch on) and almost succeeded. I don't really like to talk about it.

Now? I'm just a regular sixteen year old girl with an overdeveloped understanding of demon cultures and languages, vampire-hunting, and negative space.

After spending the past year up to my eyebrows in potential Slayers, I'm now surrounded by current ones. Ugh. And Xander, who is cool beyond cool. And Willow, when she's not on the astral plane. And Giles, when he's not having a stress breakdown. There's still a bathroom shortage, though, and when tempers flare? It's not pretty. It's good that Xander knows how to spackle.

Um, I've been sent here to Fandom to get me away from all the vampires and demons and werewolves (I only kissed him once, I swear) and to go to school while everyone else gets themselves together and begins to organize the Council. Yeah, good luck with that.

More information about me can be found here.

Oh, um, just FYI? Dating un-souled vampires is bad. TAing for Barney Stinson and Tinker Bell may be worse.

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